Point-to-Point Ethernet

Using our Point-to-Point Ethernet service, connectivity between two sites can be as straight forward as connecting to the office next door.

Our feature-rich Ethernet solutions are tailored specifically to your business requirements and most importantly are cost effective and easy to implement and maintain.

Services are available in a range from 2Mbps up to 1GBps depending on your location and access technology. If you have higher speed requirements please contact us to discuss your options.

Features of TransACT’s Point-to-Point Ethernet services

Extensive coverage

Our extensive optical fibre deployment in Canberra and modern MPLS network can deliver your business a full featured, high-performing e-LINE service in the ACT, and nationally through our 3rd party providers.

Inter-capital connectivity

We can provide Point-to-Point Ethernet suitable for business requirements in an equipment protected configuration between our POPs in Canberra, Sydney (Equinix) and Melbourne (Walsh Street).

Variable service configurations

Our comprehensive service configuration parameters in the ACT, Victoria and in inter-capital POP services are based on the following business-grade standards:

  • 802.1p (Traffic prioritisation)
  • 802.1q (VLAN trunking)
  • 802.1ad (VLAN stacking or Q-in-Q).
  • 802.3ad Link Aggregation

We have a Jumbo Frame capacity up to 9000 Bytes and can also configure parameters for other locations based on access technologies.

Tailored interface options

Interface options can be tailored to a range of Wholesale purposes. Fibre within the ACT will be presented at a 1000baseTX interface depending on location.

We can also provide the following options tailored to the access technology and bandwidth required:

  • 100baseTX – FE over Cat-5
  • 100baseFX – FE over multi-mode optical fibre
  • 1000baseSX – GE over multi-mode optical fibre
  • 1000baseTX – GE over Cat-6

High level of protocol transparency

At all times we want to provide you with as much control as possible and for most on-net implementations pass through Layer-2 control messages transparently. In some areas transparency may be limited by underlying access technology.

Interface aggregation for multiple customers or premises

Our Ethernet service supports the effective delivery of services to multiple customers and/or premises through an aggregated E-NNI (External Network to Network Interface).

Numerous product applications

We can offer you a wide range of different applications suited to your unique requirements. Our local knowledge, presence and coverage in Canberra, Geelong, Ballarat and Mildura ensure we are the ideal partner to expand your presence in these markets.

Typical applications implemented by our customers include:

  • backhaul of ISP traffic from multiple DSLAM locations
  • last mile connectivity for national carriers serving local customers
  • access connectivity for hosting providers

For further information about our Point-to-Point Ethernet Services, please contact the wholesale team.