A new range of iiNet VDSL2 plans are available here. Alternatively, TransACT offers the VDSL2 service below, which you’ll need to combine with a broadband plan from a selection of ISP’s to get online.

 Services Monthly Data Package / Speed Cost per month
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Total minimum cost over a 24 month contract is $1200.

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TransACT's VDSL2 network delivers download speeds up to 60Mbps in real-world testing. A single computer may not be able to download this fast, and your speeds may vary due to a number of factors.

  • Download the TransACT VDSL2 and TransTalk AllTime Critical Information Summary
  • Choose from a number of other ISPs that provide broadband internet access on TransACT's network. Contact the following ISPs and check out their broadband plans.

     CBIT Internet  Velocity Internet OfficeLink
     Infinite Networks  netspeed