Wholesale IP

Our Wholesale IP solutions are optimised for those who need high levels of redundancies and effective service level guarantees.

With services delivered via a fully protected inter-capital transport ring, we can ensure security and redundancy in the network.

We currently supply bandwidth to a number of local ISP’s and corporate businesses and have engineered our product by blending multiple upstream providers.

Our Wholesale IP service is available at TransACT POPs in Canberra, Sydney (Equinix) and Melbourne (Walsh Street).

Features of TransACT’s Wholesale IP services

Un-metered IP

We can provide an unlimited usage product where fixed monthly charges for the service are based on the bandwidth that the service is provisioned to.

This can be a very cost effective solution if usage is consistently high. Service can be provisioned in various bandwidth steps from 5Mbps upwards depending on your operational requirements.

Asymmetric Burstable IP

We have built our IP services to be ready to adapt to your changing requirements. Asymmetrical Burstable IP is tailored specifically for hosting providers that need a service that delivers higher bandwidth on the upload and allows for the occasional burst in download traffic.

This product gives providers of hosting services security, redundancy and high service levels at a competitive rate while maintaining flexibility for higher download speeds when required.

Extensive Network Reach

Our network reach is broad, and we have multiple local peering relationships as well access to secure international transit capacity. This aggregated transit IP service is delivered in Sydney (Equinix), Melbourne (Walsh Street) and Canberra via a fully protected inter-capital transport ring.

TransIX Peering

We offer peering with other carriers and businesses located within our data centre space as part of our Wholesale IP Service.

For further information about our Wholesale IP Services, please contact the wholesale team.