VPN services (Layer 2)

TransACT Virtual Private Network (VPN) services allow multiple sites to be seamlessly connected as if they were on the same network.

Our VPN services save you time by replacing the need to build any-to-any connectivity through numerous Point-to-Point links.

Importantly, our VPN services are easy to manage, offer scalability and can generate cost savings by better sharing and using bandwidth. We can simply and effectively add nodes to the network or move to different locations without affecting the other locations.

Built on a robust business-grade MPLS core, services are highly secure and reliable, providing you with peace of mind.

To ensure that your business requirements are met, we tailor our VPN services to your particular specifications. E-LAN (any-to-any) or E-TREE (hub and spoke) VPN configurations are available. Access for each site can also be selected to meet your requirements.

Features of TransACT’s VPN services

Customised configuration

The service is configured by defining the service parameters at each access node. The various access circuits are then combined in a VPN.

We have built-in contingency arrangements to avoid possible network congestion. We ensure that bandwidth allocated per access node is sufficient for the traffic of that node to optimise outputs for your business.

Flexible access options

The TransACT optical fibre network in the ACT is extensive, and the preferred access option to allow for the most service flexibly and control.

We can also provide other access options based on on-net copper and third party access technologies.

Layer 2 control

Our Wholesale VPN is protocol transparent when implemented on-net in the ACT. This allows extensive flexibility in terms of implementing service configurations, IP addressing (IPv4 and/or IPv6) and segregating traffic in different VLANs.

VPN implementations across a wider area built to some extent on partner infrastructure may have some limitations in terms of protocol transparency.

Integrated VLAN configuration

Using our services, Q-in-Q is supported and you are free to implement VLAN configurations as required for your business.

Carrier-grade security standards

The comprehensive carrier-grade MPLS and Metro Ethernet standards used at TransACT ensure business security through the separation of traffic from different customers.

World-class quality of service

The quality of service we provide at TransACT is of the highest standard for your business.

Packet marking in accordance with the following is passed without modification:

  • IEEE 802.1p (Ethernet priority)
  • IETF RFC2474 (DiffServ Code Point)

Generous MAC address allowance

We can offer up to 200 MAC addresses visible on each interface node. We can also accommodate and configure higher numbers on request.

For further information about our VPN Services, please contact the wholesale team.