ISP Access

We offer innovative Internet Service Provider (ISP) Access options suitable for a range of different requirements.

The TransACT access network passes more than 150,000 premises across the ACT and Queanbeyan. Our ISP Access service offers connectivity to these end-users at Layer-3 on a non-discriminatory open access basis, which allows ISPs the opportunity to expand their customer base in the areas of the ACT and NSW.

End users in the areas where we provide optical fibre (FTTP) can access the internet at up to 100Mbps. The number of end users in these areas is increasing and up to 13,500 premises are currently under contract.

In other areas, access services are provided via VDSL, VDSL 2, ADSL2+ or wireless technology.

The ISP Access Service integrates seamlessly with our optional Wholesale IP offering. For further information on how to become a TransACT Internet Service Provider please contact us.

ISP’s active on the TransACT network

 Apex  CBIT Internet
 Grapevine  iinet  Infinite Networks  netspeed
 OfficeLink PCUG ACT
 Velocity Internet