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Sales and Support

Tiaan Theron

Wholesale Operations Manager

Tiaan is responsible for ensuring our wholesale customers are properly looked after and his team works to deliver the most efficient and streamlined Wholesale interactions.

Tiaan has more than twenty years of experience in the telecommunications industry and joined TransACT in September 2010.

Tiaan’s formal background is in electronics engineering and he holds a Commerce Degree (Accounting and Economics) and a Business Masters.

After starting his career with a fixed line operator, he moved into planning and building mobile networks in Africa and the Middle East as well as managing carrier relations in different market.

Peter Black

Wholesale Operations Specialist

Peter works to ensure that the TransACT Wholesale team delivers products and services that exceed both the requirements of our Wholesale customers and TransACT's own retail business.

Peter has been with TransACT and ActewAGL since 2003, working in various roles from Customer Service Officer to Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) and Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP) Sales and Development Manager.

His many years of experience working in the TransACT business gives Peter extensive knowledge of TransACT's networks, products, and customers. Peter combines this experience with strong sales and customer management skills to deliver uncompromised service to his customers.