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Cable VDSL2 network

 Services Monthly Data Package / Speed Cost per month
Phone, Broadband & Pay TV
(includes eHub)

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Phone & Broadband
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Phone & Pay TV
(includes eHub)
min cost over 24 months $1918.80
Phone TransTALK $33.95
min cost over 24 months $814.80

Early cancellation fee of $200 applies. Price per MB for 10GB: $0.0010, 100GB: $0.0003, 200GB: $0.0002, 400GB: $0.0002 and 1TB: $0.0001.

TransACT's VDSL2 network delivers download speeds up to 60Mbps in real-world testing. A single computer may not be able to download this fast, and your speeds may vary due to a number of factors. Find out more.

  • Download the TransACT VDSL2 Critical Information Summary
  • Grapevine internet, grow your worldPower your broadband with Grapevine

    With every Grapevine broadband plan, you’ll also get these free additional features.

    • 10 email addresses and 1GB webspace
    • 1GB of storage per mailbox (or 20MB storage on the national network)
    • Anti-spam and anti-virus email filtering
    • Email notifications when usage reaches 75% and 100% of monthly download limit
    • Helpdesk support
    • Online account manager

    Standard Form of Agreement, Copyright Policy, Acceptable Use Policy and Service Schedule apply. Services available on TransACT’s own network and in selected areas outside TransACT’s own network areas. Not all packages are available in all areas. For technical reasons not all homes can be connected. Plans only available to new and non-contracted TransACT customers. Free install applies to standard residential installations on the TransACT network. TransACT and Grapevine services are billed separately. Connection fee on the national network is between $40 and $339 and is based on existing infrastructure at the premise. Min cost over 24 months includes standard $40 connection fee where an existing active phone service is available. Broadband speeds may be affected by a number of factors outside TransACT’s control including line quality and length from the exchange (for ADSL/ADSL2 services), the customer’s hardware and software, the number of devices in the customer’s premises using the internet simultaneously, the type and source of the internet traffic being accessed and limited bandwidth at the content source or between the content source and the customer. A TransACT service with a higher theoretical speed may not result in increased download speeds for all internet traffic. If TransACT’s broadband port is used with an ISP other than Grapevine, the performance of the customer’s Internet access is entirely dependent on the ISP used and is outside TransACT’s control. A $20 plan-change fee applies when downgrading to a new Grapevine plan. A $20 connection fee applies to all new Grapevine accounts. Peak times for ACT Home-1 – ACT Home-3 plans are from 8am-2am and Off-peak times are from 2am-8am. Peak times for ACT Home-4 – ACT Home-6 are from 9am – 1am and Off-peak times are from 1am-9am. If you reach your monthly download quota for peak or off-peak data, that data type's speed will be slowed to 256kbps for the remainder of the download measurement period. If you reach your monthly download quota on the National ADSL2+ network speeds will be slowed to 72 kbps/72 kbps or the remainder of the billing period. TransACT’s pay TV service is only available on VDSL, VDSL2 and FTTP networks as part of a package. eHub only available on the VDSL2 and FTTP networks. Disney channels and Adultshop are not available with TransACT’s eHub. External aerial required to receive free-to-air channels in VDSL2 areas.

    Choose from a number of other ISPs that provide broadband internet access on TransACT's network. Contact the following ISPs and check out their broadband plans.

     Apex  CBIT Internet
     iinet  Infinite Networks  netspeed OfficeLink
     PCUG ACT  Velocity Internet