Enterprise communications

Alcatel Lucent My IC PhonePABX Systems

TransACT supplies a range of high performance and well priced PABX systems to meet the needs of small and large organisations. Find out more about Alcatel Lucent IP touch phones.

Unified communications

Today businesses use a range of end user devices including smart-phones, tablet personal computers, PDAs, screen based VoIP handsets, laptops and desktop personal computers complementary to PABX systems.

We unite these technologies under a single umbrella allowing your business communications to be richer, more productive and responsive to the needs of your customers and staff.

As a carrier and a unified communications integrator, we can help your organisation save time and perform more efficiently with a service that extends from the handset to the carrier.

IP Telephony

IP Telephony is voice telephony converted into IP traffic. This allows end users to converge voice and data onto a single network and opens up exciting new ways to manage voice traffic. In principle, IP telephony allows enterprise voice services to be provided anywhere enterprise data is provided. This includes over any LAN or WAN network and remote VPN, Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

Hosted IP-Telephony

As a carrier and IP telephony supplier, we can provide voice service hosting to enterprise and government clients.

This service offers significant benefits well beyond the capabilities of traditional PABX vendors or voice providers. With TransACT your organisation can:

Eliminate rack space requirements

Most organisations have in-house PABX systems which consume valuable rack-space, a significant cost to each organisation. A TransACT hosted voice solution removes the requirement for and cost of on-site PABX rack-space.

Eliminate legacy ISDN links

TransACT hosted voice solutions remove legacy access and possible toll costs (depending upon WAN infrastructure), particularly for organisations that possess private or leased inter-site IP networks.

Reduce or eliminate PABX hardware costs

Organisations typically purchase and operate their own PABX at a capital cost of many tens or even hundreds of thousand of dollars. Adopting a shared (hosted) TransACT solution can remove this capital expenditure completely or limit it to a fraction of the capital cost associated with a customer premises solution.

Reduce PABX service and support costs

Human resource savings represent the single greatest financial benefit of a hosted PABX solution from TransACT. Through TransACT, more resources can be delivered across each customer than in an appliance based solution at the customer premises.

TransACT can efficiently operate, manage and support each customer to a level of quality unmatched by a PABX integrator alone.

Travel times normally associated with onsite PABX maintenance and installation bills are also dramatically reduced in a hosted environment.

Maintain high availability voice

The shared nature of a hosted solution allows TransACT to spread the costs normally associated with high availability across a large number of customers in an IP hosted core platform. This provides high levels of uptime but also allows for the management and maintenance of platform data. This is especially important for organisations that maintain a formal telephony Disaster Recovery plan.

Receive expert monitoring and management

A TransACT hosted system leads to better system monitoring and management. Maintenance tasks are performed by senior TransACT engineering staff within our TransACT hosting facility.

A hosted TransACT solution will also support large numbers of customers and use sophisticated system management tools. Where once such management tools were only available to the largest of customers, in a TransACT hosted environment the cost of these resources is spread across the entire hosting platform.

Receive detailed services reporting

Reporting on service availability is necessary for many organisations but the cost of purchasing and operating phone reporting software can be extensive. In a TransACT hosted environment both the cost of the software and the resource required to provide such reports are spread across the entire hosted platform and provided at low cost to our customers.

Improve disaster recovery

IP telephony provides more options to recover from disaster than traditional telephony. TransACT hosted telephony improves on this by providing automatic site redundancy and fully managed archiving of all telephony data.

Reduce PABX electricity costs

TransACT’s hosted IP telephony service is a greener alternative to traditional CPE PABX solutions as it centralises the power consumption of the PABX into a central shared facility. Not only is this more efficient than traditional services, but it also ensures that our customers do not receive power bills for onsite PABX systems.

Remove PABX UPS requirements

Enterprise voice is a critical service and in a TransACT hosted environment the obligatory Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is transferred from the customer premises to the TransACT data centre. This removes the need for a PABX UPS at the customer premises and the cost of replacement batteries and associated ongoing support.

Receive regular software upgrades

TransACT engineering staff implement major software releases across the entire hosted platform, saving your organisation time and money associated with onsite customer visits.

Experience the benefits of shared software

A unique benefit of TransACT’s hosted PABX environment is the ability to share software between clients. Using our Software as a Service solution, your organisation will benefit from the latest software without the costly investment.

Unified messaging

TransACT’s unified messaging integrates email, fax, voicemail, SMS and MMS communications into a single manageable interface, allowing users to effectively manage information anytime, anywhere.

Conferencing & collaboration

At the core of the TransACT UC platform is a true multi-media, multi-party, multi device conferencing solution which allows data, voice and video conferencing and collaboration. The TransACT platform integrates such “triple play” conversations using our fibre network infrastructure.