Business Products

Reliable business broadband solutions on TransACT's own network. Available in Canberra, ACT.

  • Business 1


    10 GB
    +10 GB
    off peak

    ($2137.60 Minimum spend)
    $4.50 per GB*

  • Business 2


    75 GB
    +75 GB
    off peak

    ($2857.60 Minimum spend)
    $0.80 per GB*

  • Business 3


    300 GB
    +300 GB
    off peak

    ($4057.60 Minimum spend)
    $0.28 per GB*

  • Business 4


    500 GB
    +500 GB
    off peak

    ($4777.60 Minimum spend)
    $0.20 per GB*

  • Business 5


    600 GB
    +600 GB
    off peak

    ($5497.60 Minimum spend)
    $0.19 per GB*

  • Business 6


    1000 GB
    +1000 GB
    off peak

    ($7417.60 Minimum spend)
    $0.15 per GB*

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All VDSL2 plans have a base speed of 25Mb/s download and up to 5Mb/s Upload; faster than any ADSL2+ connection! But if you are looking for even more speed add a $10 Turbo booster to your VDSL2 plan to get up to 80Mb/s download and 20Mb/s upload speeds.

Standard VDSL2 Add a Turbo boost for $10


Included with all plans.

SilverSun Pictures
“I would definitely recommend VDSL2 and my experience working with TransACT was very smooth. VDSL2 does make a difference on a lot of levels. There’s a massive increase to productivity and efficiency with these speeds, thanks to TransACT.”
Andy Marriott
Managing Director, SilverSun Pictures

All our VDSL2 bundles include these neat extras

  • 1GB of included webspace

  • 20 included mailboxes

  • Priority business support

  • Static IP address

Why TransACT?

Innovation Talk to a local Our network
TransACT offers a wide range of innovative communication solutions for small, medium and large businesses. We're local, which means all of your calls are answered by someone in Australia. Being local means we can find solutions that suit your business and your specific needs. TransACT own and operates a range of generation networks that delivers a high quality, high performance and highly reliable internet connection.

  • Download the TransACT VDSL2 Critical Information Summary

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    Standard Form of Agreement, Copyright Policy, Acceptable Use Policy and Service Schedule apply.. Services available on TransACT’s own network. A minimum package of voice and broadband applies. Standalone broadband is not allowed. TransWEB Biz must be taken in conjunction with a TransBIZ phone service. Installation fee is waived with a 24-month contract for standard installations. $200 installation fee applies on a 12-month contract for standard installations. TransACT and Grapevine services are billed separately. Broadband speeds may be affected by a number of factors outside TransACT’s control including line quality and length from the Supernode, the customer’s hardware and software, the number of devices in the customer’s premises using the internet simultaneously, the type and source of the internet traffic being accessed and limited bandwidth at the content source or between the content source and the customer. A TransACT service with a higher theoretical speed may not result in increased download speeds for all internet traffic. If TransACT’s broadband port is used with an ISP other than Grapevine, the performance of the customer’s Internet access is entirely dependent on the ISP used and is outside TransACT’s control. A $20 plan-change fee applies when downgrading to a new Grapevine plan. A $20 connection fee applies to all new Grapevine accounts. Peak times are from 10am-2am. Off-peak times are from 2am-10am. If you reach your monthly download quota for peak or off-peak data, that data type's speed will be slowed to 128 kbps for the remainder of the download measurement period.